Accio All Potterheads: 15 Eye-Opening Epiphanies Harry Potter Fans Realized As Adults!


ACCIO ALL POTTERHEADS! Here are 15 thoughts you never had until you were an adult!


1. "Anyone could have defeated Harry Potter just by saying, 'Accio glasses.'"


2. "The Golden snitch in Harry Potter is nothing but a Ferrero Rocher on Red Bull."


3. "I bet couples in the Harry Potter universe sometimes use Polyjuice potion to turn into one another and have sex."


4. "In the Harry Potter universe, you could probably get a GIF tattooed on you."


5. "It's amazing that there was never any mention of head lice at Hogwarts. The sorting hat literally touches every new student's head."


6. "In all seven books, Harry only bathes once."


7. "If the wizards in Harry Potter really wanted, they could create a society with unlimited food, space, and energy that could vastly improve humanity as a whole. Instead they just hide like assholes."


8. "Dumbledore should really do background checks before hiring new professors."


9. "Wizards at Hogwarts are still carrying books while muggles are using tablets and laptops."


10. "If I was a muggle and I had just received a letter saying that my child is a wizard, I'd definitely think it was some sort of scam."


11. "What’s the point of locks in the Harry Potter universe? If anyone with a wand can open them, they become more like child proofing than actual security."


12. "The Room of Requirement was probably used for sex. A LOT."


13. "The exact pronunciation matters a lot when casting spells, meaning you would always have to cast spells in a British accent."


14. "What if Harry Potter was dreaming for seven years because he ran headfirst into a wall at a train station?"

15. "In the Harry Potter universe, a broom closet would be kinda like a parking lot."


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