9 Internet Giants And Their Zodiac Compatibility!


You might question the very necessity of this, but we can assure you that there's more to companies and the date they were established, as well as their logos, mottos and such, than meets the eye. Let's go under their skin and find out more!

1. Google - Virgo


The world's technology giant Google was first established in September 1998 in California. This makes Google a Virgo company. Google's constant innovative, detail oriented, and punctual attributes align perfectly with the main features of a Virgo!

2. Facebook - Aquarius


Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook back in February 2004 with three of his friends in California. Facebook is an Aquarius. Aquarius' are visionary, imaginative and always chase big dreams and goals. Facebook's history is full of big dreams, futuristic visions, and innovation.

3. Twitter - Aries


Jack Dorsey's gift to our world, Twitter, first launched back on March 21st 2006 in San Francisco, which makes it an Aries. Aries' are vibrant, constantly changing, and have high self-confidence. As we look at Twitter's constant changing and adaptive nature, we can see how it actually matches its zodiac!

4. YouTube - Aquarius


2005's Valentine's Day was extremely important for all of us as YouTube started getting its first video views back then. Started as a garage project, YouTube now generates billions of views per day! Just like Facebook and Aquarius, YouTube always aspired to push forward and introduce new ways to enhance our way of entertainment.

5. Instagram - Libra


First hashtags and filters were used all the way back in October 6, 2010, therefore, Instagram is a pure Libra. To sum Libra and Instagram up in a few words: #artsy #creative #cute #balanced #talented!

6. Snapchat - Virgo

Another September, another Virgo company. Snapchat's unstoppable popularity streak reached 7 billion video views a day! Speaking of Virgos and how creative and innovative they are, I honestly don't think I need to say anything about how masterfully Snapchat improved itself over the years and almost re-invented the way we communicate!

7. LinkedIn - Taurus

First launched in the first week of May, LinkedIn is one of the very few Taurus tech companies in the world. Over the years, LinkedIn has been our only safe haven when it came to looking professional and it always developed slowly, but surely. Wanna know what the main traits of a Taurus are? Dependability, persistence and yes, being a bit slow at times...

8. Wikipedia - Capricorn


The first, and only, place every student goes to, Wikipedia went live on January 15, 2001. Nowadays, Wikipedia is available in 290 different languages! Just like a Capricorn, Wikipedia is resistant (how it still keeps the website ad-free etc.), serious, respected, and strong willed. A true Capricorn Wikipedia is.

9. Onedio - Leo

Turkey's first and biggest content based social network, Onedio, started its life back in August 1, 2012, making it a Leo. A Leo is a leader that hunts for success, and is highly attractive to an addictive level. Well, I guess we would be lying if we said Onedio wasn't a perfect Leo!

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