31 Perfect Illustrations Showing Couples How To Be Happy With Less!


Nowadays, the posts about 'being happy with small things' are everywhere and all the time. I understand why we want to find a piece of happiness in everything, however we are also kind of sick of  those who give happiness recipes to couples.

Korean illustrator Puuung has also taken up this trend and given dozens of suggestions to couples. Here, we are borrowing some of his illustrations and giving you our interpretation of the drawings. These could indeed be help you be happy.

But if you want Puuung himself and no middleman ( :( ), you can find his stuff here.

1. Steal the blanket; if your significant other's back starts hurting, they will appreciate you more.

2. There is nothing better than playing with firecrackers in the garden wearing slippers. Your partner will adore you.

3. Invite a single friend over for dinner every week so that they see how happy you two are.

4. Try the poses that they do in movies, series, books, etc. Who knows, maybe happiness comes from standing exactly in that position?

5. Never buy a washing machine. Your love will grow stronger while washing the clothes by hand.

6. Find someone who can carry you?

7. Spoon your sweetheart when they are reading.

8. Charm your lover with the joke "I saved you!"

9. Dance crazily for no reason. It is the real happiness deal!

10. Ask "What happened? Why are you crying?" Nobody has thought of that before. This is great advice!

11. Pray beside each others heads.

12. Don't forget to question whether or not you are happier when your sweetheart isn't home.

13. If they catch you with the flowers you got for your secret lover, act as if you got it for them instead.

14. Rid them of any chance to wear a slipper while you are wearing a pair. Let them have diarrhea.

15. Get pneumonia together!

16. Move your oven to your bathroom and start cooking there. Maybe that's the secret to happiness.

17. Take each others' photos while taking each others' photos. You never know where happiness can come from.

18. Enjoy the post-dis-trainer moments together.

19. Have fun by eating like an animal while your significant other is on a diet.

20. Have a fling with a random stranger you see on the street. Cheating might you good!

21. Try sitting on a sofa to talk. It will be a unique experience.

22. Put her to sleep and go out to drink with your friends.

23. Read together. If your book expenses drop by half, you will be happy.

24. Wear slippers that are too big for you.

25. Don't wipe off the lipstick of your mistress. You get to fight and have make up sex.

26. Hang out in isolated places, if someone decides to stab you, you get to spend time together in the ER.

27. Build a blanket castle!

28. After you tuck her in in a way that she can't break free, run to your mistress.

29. Go swimming only with a tire and without any other preparation.

30. Check her teeth regularly to make sure she is healthy.

31. If you get caught talking to your other girlfriend, just grin like an idiot. Play it cool.

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