30 Adorable Dogs Getting Busted Right At Their Crime Scene!


Dog owners know all these cute but at the same time, evil faces. It's the moment you immediately realize they pooped in your room or tore down the apartment, discovered and invaded your fridge or god knows what else!

1. What...? I played with the toilet paper so what?

2. "Shouldn't have dug too deep..."

3. "Should I be more adorable because I don't know how I can be..."

4. "Everything's fine. Hey! Don't go in there, I SAID EVERYTHING IS FINE!"

5. "Someone made mess you said? No sorry I have no information on that I swear!"

6. "Before you say anything, we can discuss..."

7. "Oh noooo. Was this yours? And your favorite? Now that's a shame isn't it?"

8. When I try a new but daring outfit and ask for opinions...

9. "I'm so sorry, you can even see it on my face!"

10. "I'll just rest a bit first. Promise I will clean this up. Relaaaaax."

11. You're not you when you're hungry!

12. "DERP! I was JUST getting out if you didn't come."

13. When you finally find the motherload!

14. "I'm too ashamed...I can't even look at you directly."

15. "Maybe if I show them how sad I am or play dead, they'll forget."

16. "You said you finished reading it. Oh, you didn't?"

17. "I might be big but I can still have some fun when I want!"

18. "Teehee. Tehehehehee. I think it's adorable. Don't you agree?"

19. "I want to spend some time on my own to go over the things I've done..."

20. "I'm right here. The pillow is all the way over there. I can't be guilty!"

21. "If only your cheap ass bought some cool toys to play with!"

22. "Pwease don't get mad pretty pleaseeeee."

23. "I found this mess and I thought you should know about it!"

24. "I thought this was America? Is this America? I thought I could do whatevah I want!"

25. "Can you like, forgive me already? My eyes are all tired..."

26. "I'm crying a river inside you know that?"

27. "Can I come now? Are you still mad? Hmmmm?

28. "Ok ok I will clean it up!"

29. "So you've finally found me and my mess..."

30. "I thought I could fix a couple of things while you were gone..."

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