29 Funny Bear Photos That You’ll Definitely Relate To


The mimics and gestures of these bears are just enough to explain some specific moods of ours. We bet you’ll find at least one to relate to in this compilation, which we compiled from Buzzfeed.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/angelospagnolo/...

1. When you remember everything that happened in 2016...

2. When your crush passes by without even noticing you..

3. When you check Snapchat and see all your friends are having fun without you..

4. When you have to go to work while you’re still hungover..

5. When you order only water but still have to split the check

6. When you try to remember where you parked the goddamn car...

7. When you look awkward while trying to be sexy..

8. When your friends want to hangout but it’s f*cking cold outside..

9. When your friend puts you on his/her snapchat while you’re eating..

10. When the other person wants to kiss but you don't..

11. When you’re about to eat that delicious one-bite appetizer..

12. When someone walks in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower..

13. When you’re the shortest one in the concert..

14. When you wake up in the morning and see all the drunk texts you sent..

15. When your mom catches you and your sibling while you’re misbehaving..

16. When you’re about to have a serious talk with someone you love..

17. When you can fart freely while your roommates are gone..

18. When someone offers you the last slice of the cake..

19. When you receive the “Are you up?” text.. ❤

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