27 Things You Must Do To Make Yourself Unhappy!

> 27 Things You Must Do To Make Yourself Unhappy!

You want to wake up to hell every day? Constantly feeling down and want to keep your mood in the red zone? 27 quick tips and you’re set to live a very unhappy life! Thank us later, but like a LOT later…


1. Think about the future, never live in the moment

What the hell is Carpe Diem?

2. Think of all the troubles you have the moment you wake up

No need to make a good start to your day. No checking yourself in the mirror and such.

3. Always see the half empty glass

Where is the glass anyway?

4. Think about the worst outcomes ALL THE TIME!

Negative attracts negative and you’ll be miserable. Good deal huh?

5. Live with Ifs. If that happened or if this went the way I wanted…

This way you can immediately think of all the bad things.

6. Keep some bad memories in your mind to ruin your happy moments

Ugh, so close!

7. No time to socialize, internet is enough for you

Friend, what friend?

8. Talk with less and less so you end up all on your own.

You are good on your own.

9. Try and go through all your problems on your own. Never share.

You shouldn’t share at all. Whoever said sharing’s good, they lied big time.

10. 3 times a day depression.

Depression is actually that easy…

11. Wear masks, it’s always good to pretend things are ok.

Why do you need to be happy when you can pretend to be happy?

12. Always be mad at yourself for things you couldn’t achieve.

Be furious and smash things!

13. Self-criticism at its best

You always suck at everything. Oh yeah you do.

14. Complain about everything, everyone.

Maybe someone will actually care.

15. Keep all the feelings to yourself. You will have a panic attack and let it all out soon.

Very useful these panic attacks, really…

16. Never feel satisfied, nothing is perfect keep that in mind.

Such a good feeling!

17. Try and do almost impossible things so you feel regret

A little bit of creativity and you’re there!

18. Always want more


19. Try to live your life by other people’s words and standards

Try and please everyone too.

20. No plans, no to do lists, no aims…

Nothing can go according to a plan!

21. Ignore everything you have, focus on things you don’t have.

Look at that Pikachu crying…

22. No new hobbies, new activities. We don’t want that.

Always negative and depressive, good.

23. Keep your past relationships on your mind.

So you can drink and think about them when you feel happy.

24. Always compare yourself to others.

Jason at work, Melissa at school, they all have such lives…

25. Always postpone and let your work pile up

You want to feel crushed under all that work.

26. Always ask why, why me? I don’t deserve these…

Perfect, keep going…

27. Get stuck in the past.

No need to think about today, past is good.

Bonus: You’re about to leave for work, you go into the bathroom with your fresh pair of socks. And the floor is wet…