26 Reasons to Call Your Mother Every Single Day

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> 26 Reasons to Call Your Mother Every Single Day

Your mom was your very first friend.

It may sound cliché, but she was there for you during your hardest times, she was there with a painkiller when you had your first period, she even encouraged you when you joined that trashy friend group just because it was your dream, and she cried with you when your heart was broken.

As your biggest fan, she never fails to brighten your day, even in your worst times.

There’s no one more special than your mother.

A supporting mother is the most valuable thing you could have in this world. You may underestimate her love towards you since it will last forever.

But there’s something you should remember: she’s a person full of emotions.

You may have many friends when you get to the age of 20, but remember that your mom is a friend better than them.

And although she never tells you, she feels alone since you’ve been gone.

She wants to hear your voice and all the unnecessary details in your life. She’s just a phone call away.

Like it or not, she won’t be there forever. Now pull yourself together and show her the respect she deserves for being the one who gave birth to you. No one will ever love you as much as your mother.

Here are 26 reasons why you should call your mom every day:

26. She always wants the best for you.

There’s nothing else that underlies this fact. She’s you mother, after all.

25. She is the only person who will listen to you talk about yourself for 30 minutes.

The only person that supports your narcissism, and you obviously know this.

24. She can congratulate you just because you managed to get out of bed.

It’s an incredible success and you’re wonderful for that!

23. She knows how to make you happy in any circumstance.

She knows what to say when you lose your self confidence.

22. She’s the reason why you’re here in this world, so you owe her.

She carried you for 9 months and pushed your big head out of her body. She deserves a phone call.

21. She gives the best advice.

21. She gives the best advice.

There’s nothing better than a mom’s advice.

20. You got most of your features from her.

You need to thank her for that beautiful butt sometime.

19. She talks straight.

Sometimes she need to be straightforward for you to stop torturing yourself.

18. She’s always ready to support you.

If you feel the need to talk to someone about how much you hate your boss, there’s someone who will automatically be on your side.

17. You feel closer like this.

Especially if your mom is living far away from you, the phone is the easiest way to feel closer to her.

16. To gossip about your friends, since it’s the only way for no one else to hear it!

You can’t gossip about your friends with your other friends. But your mom is your secret box who will hide them forever.

15. To complain about how your life is going.

If your friends are sick of listening to you and you don’t have any money to spend on a therapist, call Dr. Mama. She is a ‘you’ professor.

14. To gripe during your period.

14. To gripe during your period.

No one wants to hear how much you hate everything and everyone.

13. She is your best friend.

She was your first friend, and she will be forever.

12. She never judges you.

She may not like some of your decisions in life (like the tattoo on your butt), but she loves you so much that she would never judge you.

11. To start that ‘to do list’ at some point.

The best way to make sure that you’ll do your laundry and go to grocery shopping is to call your mom.

10. She knows you better than anyone.

She can bring a different perspective better than your friends would.

9. She doesn’t like to text.

That heart emoji doesn't mean anything to her.

8. She looks like you more than anyone.

You have her genetics, duh!

7. There’s no reason for her to lie to you.

She would never lie to you because she doesn’t need to.

6. She feels alone ever since you left home.

After she supported you for 18 years, she expects the same from you.

5. She really does want to talk with you.

Your call will be the most beautiful moment of her day. It feels nice to know that, right?

4. She filled your pockets with money during your last visit home.

She deserves an applause as the biggest sponsor of your online shopping.

3. She needs some girl talk.

She probably doesn’t have a line of friends or room mates waiting to have girl talk with her.

2. There’s no such thing as excessive talk with mom.

You may be in your 20s and have a glamorous life, but you know that you always need your mother’s advice.

1. To say that you love her.

Is there anything else needed to be said?