26 Kids Who Take Instructions Too Literally


Usually, kids aren't familiar with the full scope of language (metaphors, allusions, and so on), meaning when an adult tells one to "keep an eye on the ball," he might as well try to put his eye on the ball.

To illustrate that, we found on Bored Panda, some of the most hilarious images of kids taking instructions too literally. From training dogs by showing them YouTube videos, to dressing up for a literary adventure, these little fellows were just trying their best to follow instructions.

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1. “Keep Your Eye On The Ball Son”

2. 2nd Grader's Homework. My Friend’s Awesome 6-Year-Old Son Is Autistic And Takes Instructions Literally😂😂😂

3. This Isn’t Exactly What We Meant When We Told Him That He Could Look Up Puppy Training Tips On Youtube.🐶

4. We Told Our 3-year-Old That New Years Is Special Because You Get To Toast To A New Year. A Few Hours Later She Said “Are We Gonna Make Toast Now?!” And Thus A New Year's Day Tradition Was Born!


5. My Kid Said I Gave Her Too Many Grapes. I Said Just Eat Half Of Them.

6. Toddler Was Asked To Feed The Cat. 😂😂😂

7. "Bring a fish to school day."

8. Future Lawyer? Was Told He Couldn't Go Outside:

9. Not Exactly What I Had In Mind When I Told My Son It Was Too Nice Out To Play Games Inside

10. Took My Son To A Modern Art Museum And Told Him That He Needs To Really Think About The Art And What They Are Trying To Say. I Am Not Sure, But I Think I Have A Smartass On My Hands

11. I Was Fixing A Computer, And My 4-Year-Old Son Asked Why, So I Said It Was To Make It Work Faster. A While Later, My Son Said He Had Already Solved The Problem. Then I Come Across This:

12. My Friend's Daughter Taking The Instructions Literally.

13. My Dad Told My Son To Get Ready For A Bedtime Story Adventure, So He Grabbed His Warm Hat And A Flashlight.

14. I Asked My Son To Use Chopsticks At A Japanese Restaurant. This Is How He Used Them For The Soup.🍜

15. My Wife Asked My Son To Put A Jar Of Water In Our Dog's Bowl. Saw This A Few Hours Later. Mission Accomplished!

16. My Son, The Realist, Brought This Home With Some Of His Kindergarten Schoolwork.

17. I Told My 5-Year-Old He Could Watch TV As Soon As He Ate Half Of His Hot Dog.


18. I Told My 2 Year Old To Put Her Shoes By The Front Door. She Takes Me Very Literally Sometimes.

19. I Told My Daughter She Couldn't Take Clothes Off The Hangers And Try Them On So I Got This. 😂

20. I Asked The Kids Not To Eat All Of The Strawberries... Hey, At Least They Listen!

21. When Your Sister Uses Deodorant For The First Time And Gets The Ruler Out Cos "it's to be 15cm away."


22. Technically Correct, The Best Kind Of Correct (5-Year-Old Style). 😂

23. Told Our Kid To Go Put The Pizza Costume Back Where It Belongs…. Well He Wasn’t Wrong. 😎😅

24. Phyto-Cell

25. My Sister-In-Law Asked The 4-Year-Old To Put The Cookies On The Dining Room Table.

26. I Told My Son That I Don’t Want To See The Cooler In This Room Again. I’m Not Even Mad.

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