23 Signs Showing You Are The "Cosmo Kramer" Of Your Friends


Original, weird, beloved, the one with interesting habits, no hellos no goodbyes, reckless, tactless… You might be the "Cosmo Kramer" among all your friends.

1. You love your facial expressions.

2. You sometimes, well not sometimes, over-react.

3. You became a legend in self-humiliation.

4. You can still try hard to be yourself on every occasion.

5. Your behavioral patterns are totally unique!

6. You can make anything a fun activity.

7. You're pragmatic.

8. You always make a difference.

9. You're full of original ideas.

10. You like spending time with your friends.

11. You don't have high expectations. You get along well with people.

12. You try and help them in any way you can.

13. You're not ashamed of being yourself when you're with your friends.

14. Their family loves you!

15. You can show up at your friends' without any notice.

16. They've accepted you for who you are.

17. You're always encouraging.

18. You have problems with timing...

19. Things no one would ever think of,

20. Ridiculous stuff...

21. always finds you!

22. But if you're still not irreplaceable,

23. You are definitely a Cosmo Kramer!

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