23 Agonizing Moments Tall People Experience!


Hey, don't feel sorry tall people. At least you get the most of fresh air.

1. When you put on your size:

2. When you buy a new pair of pants:

3. When you go out with your friends:

4. When you try to shower at the gym:

5. When they say "You're so tall, you should be a model":

6. When you hug someone:

7. When you check yourself in a mirror:

8. When you try to take a mirror selfie:

9. When you're on an airplane:

10. ...or a bus:

11. ...or in a car:

12. When you go to the theater:

13. When you are in class:

14. When you wear high heels:

15. When you are at a place with a low cieling:

16. When you exercise with your friends:

17. When you are in a family picture:

18. When you go to sleep:

19. When it's raining:

20. When you hide under someone's umbrella:

21. When you try to withdraw some cash:

22. When you take group selfies:

BONUS: When you hear tall people jokes...

"How's the weather up there?"

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