22 Photos That Prove Instagram Doesn't Reflect Real Life


Instagram is the perfect place to make your life look a lot more exciting and glamorous than it actually is. From your attempts at healthy eating to those 'sophisticated' girls nights out, this platform is quickly becoming littered with photos full of mistruths. What people tend to forget is that a lot of staging, preparing and effects go into these seemingly perfect pictures.

To put an end to this facade, we have found some hilarious examples showing the stark contrast between what you see on Instagram and the reality behind these staged snapshots.😁

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jemimaskelley/t...

1. Group shots on Instagram:

2. Group shots in reality:

3. Backyard photos on Instagram:

4. Backyard photos in reality:


5. Dress shopping on Instagram:

6. Dress shopping in reality:

7. Formal hair on Instagram:

8. Formal hair in reality:

9. Matching your date on Instagram:

10. Matching your date in reality:

11. Dates on Instagram:

12. Dates in reality:

13. Getting there on Instagram:

14. Getting there in reality:

15. Decor on Instagram:

16. Decor in reality:


17. Dancing on Instagram:

18. Dancing in reality:

19. Getting drinks for afters on Instagram:

20. Getting drinks for afters in reality:

21. After parties on Instagram:

22. After parties in reality:

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