22 Complicated Situations Forcing Us To Fake Our Emotions!


There are some moments that bring out that acting genius inside of us. Our performances are of Oscar-winning quality. This especially happens when we find ourselves in the weaker position of an asymmetrical power relationship; and therefore doesn't make us liars or fakers or anything. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do; no harm, no foul!

1. When you meet future mother-in-law.

The road to marriage often passes through the gate called mother-in-law. You have to smile after every sentence that pisses you off. You just have to keep it civil and nice.

2. When you ask your teacher for extra points providing various excuses about how you couldn't study for the exam and how you might lose your imaginary scholarship.


The crucial point here is the look of "I might burst into tears any second now," but you already know that.

3. When you pretend to be asleep to run away from your responsibilities, chores, and fights.


4. Putting up a friendly face with the classmate who you hate but whose lecture notes you need.


5. When you go to job interviews with the formal clothes you absolutely despise.


As you will not get the job if you admit you party every weekend and change jobs constantly, you have to paint the image of a responsible person who takes life seriously.

6. When you pretend that you aren't scared although you have a phobia.


7. When you don't like your significant other's close friends and you try to hide it.


Because you don't want to be that controlling, limiting and jealous person; you have to act like you like those people.

8. When you say "It is over, I don't love you anymore." to your ex who you still love but have to break up with.


9. When your crush catches you following them.


"Oh! What a coincidence, I was just in the neighborhood."

10. When you really like someone but act like you don't care and try to play it cool.


11. When you just join your classmates' sadness of "I really screwed up with the exam, I couldn't study at all.", although you did study like a maniac.


Follow up: when the results are announced and you have got the highest grade in the class you have to keep up with your role by saying "Oh, what a surprise, I didn't expect this at all."

12. When you falsely trash talk about the dude that the girl you hated in high school got married to, no matter how hot he actually might be.


"You see the gray hair, too? I think he is old."

13. When you hear that your crush has started dating one of your best friends.


You have to suck up all the sadness and ask how things are going with a friendly smile.

14. When you compliment and show interest in your friend's "actually pretty fugly baby."


15. When you act like you are sick just to get out of housework.


16. When you pretend to listen to everything during a business dinner/lunch, while you are actually bored out of your mind.


17. When you pretend to cry during an argument just to hide your guilt.


18. When you have to smile happily and kindly while saying "Thanks" for a horrible gift you got for your birthday.


Every damn year...

19. When you act like you are totally over it although you are still suffering from a break-up.



20. When you compliment your relatives' very bad clothes at wedding parties.


21. When you remember a special day at the last possible moment but act like you have been thinking about it for a while.


22. When you have to congratulate a person that you think is stupid.


But no matter what, appreciate the sh*t out of those around whom you don't have to pretend!

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