22 Annoying Situations Every World Citizen 100% Experienced Before!


1. When you put cereal back into the box and now it has a bump in the middle:

2. When shampoo/conditioner/soap bottles fall from a shelf VERY LOUDLY as you're just trying to take a shower.

3. When THIS happens:

4. And, THIS:

5. When you're washing the dishes and a spoon washes you back.

6. When you're taking a dump and water splashes up your booty.

7. When TV's internet kicks you out and you have to use remote to type that damn loooong password.

8. When you step on wet floor while wearing socks:

9. When the toothpaste commits suicide:

10. When you're singing along and your music stops playing for some reason and you hear how terrible you actually sound.

11. And when this happens:

12. When someone's looking at the item you need in the supermarket and now you have to pretend you are into something else until they leave.

13. When you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, check it, and then realize you have 0 notifications.

14. When your earbuds fall and not only stops your music but also tears your ear apart.

15. When you can't hear the TV because the chips you're eating are too loud.

16. When someone holds the open door for you, but you are so far away now you gotta RUN!

17. When you think you got a good deal online shopping and then look at the shipping and tax price.

18. When part of your cuticle skin is dangling all nasty-like and is also REALLY PAINFUL.

19. When your shoes make an annoying noise as you walk in a quite, public place.

20. THIS:

21. When your phone falls down the crack in your seats while you're driving.

22. Finally and most importantly, when you wake up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off.

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