21 Signs That You Might Be Totally Neurotic (Even If You Swear You’re Not)


One of the things that the modern lifestyle brought to us is some certain neurotic habits. While struggling with daily worries and a tight schedule at the same time, it’s not surprising for most of us to turn into control freaks. Buzzfeed collected these 21 behaviors that might be the signs of your neurotic inner self!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bibibarud/if-yo...

1. You clear all notifications, badges, and alerts off your phone the moment they arrive.

2. You worry so much about not getting your obligatory eight hours of sleep that you have trouble getting to sleep.

Okay, if I go to sleep now, I'll still get 7 and a half hours of sleep. Can I function on that?

3. You can't stand people who chew with their mouths open, or who are always fiddling, or who play with their pen, or who make little noises, or... uuuuuuggggghhhh.


4. When you feel the slightest bit sick, you google your symptoms and swear that you are terminally ill.

5. You usually get to places early because being even a minute late is so unacceptable that you have a hard time even imagining it.

6. And you can get to the point of losing control if someone moves your stuff.

It's your own personal arrangement, and it's not your fault that others just can't seem to understand that.

7. You lay on the horn the second the light turns green.

8. You are constantly worried about everything ... regardless of whether or not you actually need to be.

Dude, right now you have at least ten worrying thoughts going through your head at once.

9. You experience all your emotions very intensely and it is practically impossible for you to hide them.


10. You're terrible under pressure.

Pounding heart, sweating hands, desperate cries, sudden fainting, hitting the walls, etc, etc, etc.

11. You are an expert at imagining the worst scenario possible.

Erupting super-volcanoes and 200-foot tsunamis are nothing compared to what is going on in your mind.

12. If you call for an Uber, you watch its movements closely and if they make even the slightest mistake, you cancel it immediately. Get lost, scrub.


13. Anytime you're around noisy kids you just need to escape to your happy place.


14. You get up early in the morning to finish up all the stuff that you didn't manage to finish the day before.

You're already awake, so you may as well get up and worry about all the stuff you fell asleep worrying about the night before.

15. Your patience is... limited.

Your DNA is missing whatever chromosome gives people calm patience.

16. You leave parties without saying goodbye because you don't want to deal with the pressure and the typical, "No, don't go!"

17. If you send a message or email or you make a phone call, you can't think of anything else until they respond.

18. You show your feelings in... controversial ways.

19. You are too much of a realist.

Some people call you pessimistic, but the truth is that you just see the truth in everything.

20. But you're also super productive!

When you worry about everything, you get stuff done.

21. And a loyal friend and extremely empathetic.

Nobody understands other people's problems and concerns like you do.

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