21 Scenes That Happened By Coincidence And Perfectly Complemented Each Other


We sometimes, but really rarely see these kinds of scenes on TV. Here are some of those that happen totally by coincidence but complete each other exceptionally.

1. This is what I call substitution. 😯

2. “There was a dude here. Just a second ago! 🤔”

3. “I’m Mr. SUNSHINEE! 😏"

4. Let me practice some.

5. Aww fuc.. NO CURSING!. 😅

6. "Aduuuuket... 👐"

7. 3 to 1. Not fair. 😠

8. "Ball? Is that you on the screen?! 🏀"

9. “By the power of darts, I have the cup!" Dart-Man 🙌

10. "I’m sick of your stupid product placements MAN 🤕"

11. "Something is stuck in my throat. *COUGH* 💨"

12. "Charlie bit me. 👉"

13. "Are we done with this red box? Let’s get it out of the way. 😉"

14. "Expecto Patronum. 🤓"

15. "Wow that scared me,.. Whatever that is?! 😱"

16. "“WTF you little pink man! 😡"

17. "Get the f*ck out of my face! 😠"

18. Unidentified earthquake.😁

19. "I’m the boss, my name will be RIGHT HERE. There you go. 😒"

20. A journey to Wonderland. ☺️

21. Just cry baby cry. Now that’s an emotional scene. 😔

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