21 Absurd Images From A "Normal" Day In Russia!


Everything's more exciting in Russia! Russian people create new ways of making everyday tasks look crazy. We made a list of 21 absurd images from a normal day in Russia with the help of the Twitter account CrazyinRussia. Enjoy!

1. Transportation in Russia.

2. That part of the shopping cart is used for holding annoying kids in Russia.

3. Drinking vodka from a snorkel.


4. Organic selfie stick.

5. Another organic selfie stick.

6. Tinder profile of a farmer?

7. Another successful dating profile picture.

8. A normal day on the Russian subway...

9. And a normal day on Russian streets.

10. Pokemon Go in Russia.

In Russia, Pokemon hunts you.

11. A special road for the handicapped?

How does this work?

12. A special road for bicycles.

So the ride is more adventurous.

13. Fountains with crooked aims...

14. A practical solution!

15. Brilliant!

16. I don't know what's happening.

17. Alternative hairdresser.

18. A spider kid.

19. Cleaning the windows like a boss.

Obviously Russians are balance experts.

20. Alternative Russian segway.

21. Only if you solve the equation you will go to the right floor.

BONUS: Only in Russia!

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