20 Top Emojis From The World On #WorldEmojiDay!


Emoji madness knows no bounds. Emoji movies, emoji social networks, emojis finding their places in dictionaries and hell even being voted as the "word" of the year! 

On the other hand, as the world is still adapting to Emojis and their widespread presence, we take a look at what these countries used the most on World Emoji Day. (Yes it's a thing now!)

Change your keyboards and let's get ready to roll!

1. Canada

2. Colombia

3. Mexico

4. Brazil

5. USA

6. Argentina

7. South Africa

8. Turkey

9. Saudi Arabia

10. India

11. Philippines

12. Australia

13. Indonesia

14. South Korea

15. Japan

16. Italy

17. Germany

18. France

19. The UK

20. Spain

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