20 Struggles Early Birds Experience!


Do you often find yourself calling your friends and saying "I am already here, where are you?". Welcome to the early arriver's club, you are a member now.

1. You are used to arriving theaters or concert halls when they're still all empty.

2. And if there's an intermission, you are the first one to get back to their seat.

3. You get to places so early that most of the times you get off the public transport a few stops earlier to your destination and walk, just to spend some time before arriving there.

4. Sometimes you even have enough time to stop and have some coffee.

5. You easily connect with other early birds like yourself.

Once you find someone as punctual as you, you don't wanna lose them for sure!

6. You set 10 alarms at least 2 hours before your appointments.

7. You always call your office to say you might be running late but still make it on time anyways!


8. When you arrive before everyone, you start poking them with your texts!

9. You hate people who takes ages to get ready.

And you keep arguing with your S.O. because of it. You can't be late because of others!

10. You know how to keep yourself busy because you always have time to kill.

11. And when you’re waiting, every minute feels like eternity, but you still keep arriving early!

12. You slowly but surely make others around you more punctual. YES! YES!

13. You have at least 5 navigation apps to make sure you'll get there on time.

You ALWAYS make sure your route is the fastest route.

14. You always tell yourself, “If they don’t show up at this time, then I’m not waiting.” But you always wait.

15. You have a list of people you can call to catch up and kill some time while waiting.

16. For you, being there on time means being late...

17. And, one day, when you are actually late, you keep thinking of all the things you've said when other people were late...

18. And your friends will never miss the chance to remind you this unfortunate event.

19. You always lie about your arrival...

"Oh don't worry, I've been waiting for 5 minutes only."

20. As an early bird, you just don't like late people...


Bonus - You get to job interviews an hour earlier and spend all that time walking around doing nothing!

Article source: BuzzFeed

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