20 People Who Mastered the Whole Relationship Game In 2018


2018 has been a year made for love. 💕😌

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminnahar/peo...

1. Suh-weet!

2. This young-by-heart 85 year old geek-couple:

3. And this bf who loved his new ring:

4. This girlfriend who rocked the Halloween game:

5. And this couple did it even better:

6. This boyfriend who had the cutest idea for a two-year anniversary gift:

7. This one who kept the food dates diary:

8. This one came up with the idea of the most meaningful present:

9. This one's a pure genius:

10. This husband who has a promising career as a beautician:

11. These women who proposed to were so in sync, they proposed to each other at the same time:

12. This couple who got really into the Mulan spirit:

13. This one doesn't ask for ''noodes'':

14. This person who designed the best app ever for their girlfriend:

15. This one brought his girlfriend a whole feast:

16. There are NO words for this one:

17. This guy put his life on danger so his girlfriend have THE photo.

18. This guy who used his girlfriend's photos to make a hilarious video:

19. This lucky women got her own mural by her boyfriend:

20. And this guy who knew that breakfast foods make an amazing surprise:

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