20 Goofy, Yet Adorably Cute Moments Of Child Innocence


Children are the purest and most innocent. They learn about this world and life slowly. Naturally, within the process, some goofy but incredibly cute stuff happens. We are presenting you with 20 of them.

1. "Mom I discovered infinite balls!!!"

2. Determination is the important thing here. ☺️

3. How about this cute girl afraid of her own shadow? 😂

4. A brilliant lesson!!! 🏃🏃

5. "It was working when they did it 😇"

6. "How does it sense my hand?? 😥"

7. Revenge of the sis! 😁

8. Okay what you see here is a real childhood trauma 😱

9. "It's... OMG it's alive!!!!!! 😭😭"

10. "I'm so strong that I can't even eat a chocolate bar😭"

11. "What is this sorcery! 😫😫"

12. "I must go. My planet needs me."

13. "The view is really nice down here..." 😢

14. "There is no such thing as impossible!!!!"

15. "Oh ok, it's doable even without the board 😁"

16. "Work life dude... It's even hard for a toddler 🙏"

17. "No puppy, you can't beat me! 🐶 "

18. "Just give me a minute, it's my first time with a toy 😩"

19. It's the final countdown 😂😂😂😂😂

20. "Hey hey don't leave me behind 😭😭"

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