20 Amazing Color Photographs Of New York City In The 1970s!


New York looks absolutely different than it did back in the 1970s. America's largest city was influenced by the variables such as industrial decline, economic stagnation, and white flight.

These 20 rare photos are showcasing how America's metropolitan city has changed since the 1970s!

Source: http://www.vintag.es/2015/02/50-amazing-...

1. 172 Delancey Street, 1970. Photo by Camilo José Vergara.

2. Jackson Avenue at Eleventh Street, 1980.

3. Third Avenue at 66th Street, facing Southwest, 1979. Photo by Alan Benjamin.

4. Harlem, late 1970s. Photo by Manel Armengol.

5. 34th Street and 7th Avenue facing North, 1977. Photo by Laura Knight.

6. Hell's Kitchen, 1973. Photo by Paul Mones.

7. Southwest corner of 74th and Broadway, the storefront was located inside the Ansonia. Early 1970s.

8. Lower Manhattan, 1972. Photo by Lionel Martinez.

9. Sixth Avenue facing South from 59th Street.

10. Times Square night in 1970. Photo by James Wolcott.

11. West End Avenue at 79th Street, facing North, 1979.

12. Harlem, 1971. Photo by Camilo José Vergara.

13. 86th and 3rd, facing South, 1971. Photo by Michelle Gruber.

14. 68th and Broadway, facing Northeast, 1980. Photo by Ed Sijmons.

15. Delancey at Norfolk Street, facing East, early '70s. Photo by Steve Zabel.

16. Northeast corner of Delancey and Bowery, c.1978. Photo by Manel Armengol.

17. Lower East Side, early '70s. Photo by Susan Saunders.

18. Eighth Avenue at 41st Street, facing Northeast, 1978. Photo by Tony Smull.

19. July 4th, 1976 - Bicentennial celebration in New York Harbor. Photo by Steven Lindner.

20. Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington, facing South, mid '70s. Photo by Susan Saunders.

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