19 Random Facts Guaranteed To Widen Your Horizons!


Are you keen on learning something new everyday?

Do you want to improve your knowledge about life on earth, about the universe?

Here are 19 random facts for you to enjoy...

1. If the eggs laid by a couple of flies only in April and June all survived, a 14-meter-thick layer of flies would cover the earth.


2. For a long time, snakes were thought to be deaf, as they do not have external ears. In fact, they can sense the vibrations on the face of the earth with their bone connections between their chins and ears.


3. If you get bit by a bat, the next night it will find you and bite you again to feed.


4. What makes red meat look different from white meat is its myoglobin count, as myoglobin is an iron-rich protein whose color is red. Beef contains about 0.8% myoglobin, while human flesh contains 2%.


5. Da Vinci spent 12 years painting Mona Lisa’s lips, until he was able to do it just the way he wanted.

6. Women also have Adam's apples. It is just not as recognizable as men’s since women have low testosterone levels.

7. A cockroach can live for nine days after its head is cut off.

8. If the sun’s size was the same as a leucocyte, the Milky Way Galaxy would be as big as America.


9. Tarantulas have 8 eyes but they still can’t see properly. Also, female tarantulas are bigger than males and live a lot longer.

10. The smallest bones in your body are the ones in your ears. Besides, your ears continue hearing after you fall asleep.

11. Our largest internal organ is our small intestine. It is a lot larger than our large intestine and is four times taller than an average person.

12. There are 1.6 million ants per person in the world, and the total weight of them is really close to that of humans.


13. When a glass is broken, the pieces travel 3000 miles an hour.


14. We blush when our adrenalin level increases. Adrenalin is also released when we get scared, but we do not blush then.


15. The speed of a sneeze can exceed 100 miles per hour. That’s the reason why we close our eyes when we sneeze.

16. The fastest growing nails are the ones on our middle fingers. More interestingly, your dominant hand’s nail grows even faster.

17. The largest cell in the human body is the egg cell. The smallest is the sperm.


18. The colder the room you sleep in, the more likely you are to have nightmares.

19. Females’ hair is bushier and stronger than males’. And it does not fall out as easily as theirs, since females’ hair is 2 mm deeper in the skin.

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