19 Pictures That Show How Hipsters Are Really Successful At "Making Up" Furniture!


How successful are you in using the materials that you find lying around or the ones you have at use? If you are a hipster, we think you are too good at this. In this list, we'll look at 19 materials that weren't used for their original purpose. Of course, if you're a hipster or go to a hipster cafe, you have to have something original. Let's look at these original designs!

1. When this cafe thought a sawn-in-half bathtub would make a nice place to sit.

2. When this actual park bench was made with the intention to be sat upon.

3. When oil drums were recycled into chairs for some reason.

4. When a cafe decided to bring the fun of the playground indoors.

5. And when a bar decided that swinging seats definitely weren't a safety hazard.

6. When a sink was switched out for a good old-fashioned bucket.

7. When this place thought "hey, you know what people want to think about while eating? Toilets!"


8. And when this cafe went just a little bit further and allowed you to eat at some urinals.

9. When a cooker was transformed into a sink/bin combo.

10. When this cafe went for a poltergeist-themed decor.

11. When milk cans were deemed a good alternative to urinals.

12. When this disturbing seat was made.

13. When an uncomfortable-looking tractor seat served as a stool.

14. When this place went into full "scew it" mode and placed some plastic crates on top of some steel poles.

15. When a bar improvised a table out of an ironing board.

16. When this posh-looking place went full hipster with these unicycle stools.

17. When a mini chest was used to serve some chicken wings.

18. When a simple toilet flush just wasn't cool enough

19. And when a Canadian store sold a very natural wooden bed.

Article source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jamiejones/times-hipsters-completely-ruined-furniture?bfsource=bbf_enuk&utm;_term=.qi6B0nJKG#.pkG8X4m2K

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