19 Kids Have No Idea How Inappropriate Their Drawings Are!

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Kids have a mammoth imagination. Their artwork is usually not good enough to be worthy of framing, it's at least entertaining. Here some kids drew something inappropriate but they were actually completely innocent!

1. "Made a book for my dad for Father's Day. My 13 year old sister could use practice drawing whistles"

2. “And one night while we were listening to old school rap he drew two turn tables. I was just glad he didn’t draw a microphone too.”

3. “My son drew this last year in kindy! It’s supposed to be a fish with its tail out the bottom there.”

4. I don’t think this flavor of soda would taste very good.

5. “The year Santa ruined Christmas and we never spoke of it again.”

6. Attention parents: Don't allow your children to get on a a bus that says “sex lift.”

7. The worst type of rainstorm to get caught in.

8. “My son drew his sister. Those are fairy wings of course and not a giant pair of floppy boobs!”

9. This kid’s heart was definitely in the right place, but his execution was all wrong.

10. “Well, what a lovely drawing” is right.

11. She was wearing a shirt, right?

12. This not-quite-right Buzz Lightyear...

13. “My 4-year-old son’s drawing of Santa. Yep, that’s his hat. It was on the wall at preschool! I noticed the drawing and then realized my kid drew it,”

14. This is obviously just a darling drawing of a monkey and a lion playing leapfrog.

15. "My friend’s 8 year old cousin made this self portrait in art class. He was wearing a minions shirt. Needless to say his family was confused at first."

16. I think he means beach, but I really can’t say for sure.

17. "My 2nd grade teacher friend had a class assignment to draw the best way to prevent germs. This kid did not fail to disappoint."

18. I hope the kid meant “cook”.

19. "Little girl drew a picture of her mom at work. The mother is actually selling a snow shovel at home depot."

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