19 Innocent Lies We All Told As Kids!

> 19 Innocent Lies We All Told As Kids!

When we told these lies to adults around us as kids, we always thought we got away with it. They seemed to buy those lies, and just pretended to believe us. We've come to realize this as we've grown up. 😊

We also hear these lies that we once all told from today's kids, as well; but they are kinda a bit more creative, aren't they?

1. "I didn't break it, it just fell down by itself."

Yep, for sure. 😁

2. "Ma'am, last night the power went out, so I couldn't finish my homework."

Oh really, OK, let it be just this once.

3. "It doesn't hurt at all."

While actually writhing. 😅

4. "It wasn't me, it was him."

The target is the sibling, as always. 😈

5. When you arrive home from school earlier than you are supposed to because you have skipped class: "Idle class."

But your mom still gets suspicious.

6. The answer to the question "Have you got into a fight with somebody?": "No, I just fell down."

If you confess having fought, everybody will make a too big deal out of it, which isn't necessary.

7. "But mom, the whole class got a bad grade."

Smart defense when you suck at an exam. 👍

8. When your mom asks you if you have brushed your teeth at night: "Yes, mommy!"

You sneaky bastard.

9. "I didn't break it, it was already broken."

Yep, for sure. 😊

10. When your mom asks about your exam results: "Umm, the teacher hasn't checked them yet."

When you actually have got a bad grade, you just don't know how to break the news to your mom.

11. "I am not hungry."

Who gives a f*ck about food while gaming?

12. When you go home late and your mom asks where you have been: "We had an extra class."

Are you sure you weren't in an arcade?

13. When the teacher asks if you have been studying in the holidays, all boys and girls go "Yeaaaaah!"

Bravo to my students!

14. When your mom tells you to finish your homework first, before you go out to play: "The teacher didn't give us any homework."

This ends with the regret of having left everything to Sunday night.

15. When you are watching a movie late at night and your mom tells you to go to bed and warns you about getting up early the next day: "I am not tired yet!"

Meanwhile your eyes look red as hell.

16. When you are jealous of something that your friend has at their place:"We have a cooler one at home."

No, you don't have a cooler one, you just wish you did.

17. "I did my homework but forgot to bring it."

Why didn't you forget to bring yourself to school?

18. Just to mess with your sibling: "You are adopted."

Younger siblings know the tragedy of this sentence too well, and the older ones, the fun. 😄

19. "Mommy, my tummy hurts. Is it OK if I don't go to school today?"

An Oscar-worthy performance! 👏👏👏