19 Examples Showing How Horrible It Is To Dress Your Cat!


They used to be the glorious predators in the wild...Fierce, agile, ruthless...Then they met humans and THIS started happening! We do admit some of these look pretty adorable and funny but this does not change the fact that cats themselves are HATING it. Either take them off asap or take your goddamn Instagram shots and be done with it!

1. "Do you think this is f*cking funny?"

2. "When did humans became this ridiculous?!"

3. "Meooowwraaaaarr! Meows of The Caribbean: The Lost Cat"

4. Awwwwh. Doesn't it look like the cutest lion king? But still, it's clearly not so pleased!

5. "I'm gonna kill myself! That is it!"

6. "I said NO thousands of times! But who listens?"

7. It's a cat, not a toy. Look at that poor thing feeling all so scared!

8. "Just give me my food and leave me be!"


10. Would you actually wear that for 'fun'? Tsk tsk tsk...

11. "Do you dress up like a freaking space rocket? Then why make me look like one?!"

12. Seriously, stop doing this! (watery eyes)

13. "What did I ever do wrong to deserve these terrible human beings?"

14. "It's not funny! It wasn't funny when you first pictured it on my head either!"

15. "I hope that one day, you will pay for this!"

16. Cats love boxes, yes but this is just taking it to a new but extreme level!

17. Do they have to feel just as enthusiastic about your interests?

18. Yeah make sure everyone adopts a kitten. It's easy to take care of them, right? Yeah right... -.-

19. Is it really worth those 10 likes?!

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