19 Essential Habits Of People Who Love Their Comfort Zones More Than Anything!


Hating to be confused with lazy people, comfort-seeking ones have only one priority! Regardless of the task or environment they just want to maximize their comfort level!

1. They don't try to fit in, they just expect others to adapt!

2. If it's not comfortable, they won't do it!

3. They always aim at doing maximum work with minimum energy.

4. They know very well how to utilize new technology.

5. They can be very economic, too!

6. They never mind what others think or say!

7. They hate to be confused with lazy people!

8. But, just like lazy people, they don't like to tire themselves!

9. No matter what their task is, their priority is always the comfort.

10. Some of their body parts are extra-developed to meet the requirements of their lifestyle.

In this example, it's the tongue.

11. If it will serve to their comfort, they don't mind using other people.

12. They are innovaive...

13. and smart...

14. and very practical.

15. They prefer to live their life "solution-oriented".

16. They are easily noticeable in a group.

17. They are mostly aware of how annoying they actually are...

18. But never care about it!

19. Having a stress/care-free life, they tend to live very long.

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