19 Babies That Resemble Celebrities More Than Their Own Kids!


We see some people trying to look like certain celebrities. Some even spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and clothes. They probably think they are cool, but I have news for everyone: it is cool only when you aren't trying and are still nailing it.

After the adult doppelgängers of celebrities, we are moving onto babies that look quite like celebrities that we found on Boredpanda. It is adorably hilarious!

1. Gordon Ramsay as a child! :)

2. Danny Devito's twin!

3. Is than Wallace Shawn?

4. If John Legend had a son, he couldn't look more like him than this one does.

5. And our next celebrity is Prince William!

6. Gandalf?

7. Jay-Z's lost son?

8. Well...

9. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's youth

10. Cam from Modern Family?

11. OMG! Mrs. Doubtfire!

12. Michael Cera's look-alike!


13. Tiny Jamie Oliver!

14. Kevin from 'The Office'

15. Rugrats's Phil Deville!

16. Simon Pegg as a baby

17. Karl Pilkington?

18. The baby Conan O’Brien!

19. Usher has a kid?


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