19 Adorably Terrible Parent Pranks That Are Also Drop Dead Hilarious!


It's not easy being a mother or a father, but it can be very entertaining when it comes to prank your children. Here are some parents who did their best about trolling their children!

1. Little bit suspicious about her Fanta!

2. Daughter yelled at me to make her a “surprise snack.”

3. “My sister went to Military Ball... my dad wanted in.”

4. “My parents have always said they love their kids equally, but that is hard to believe when I come home for Christmas to this.”

5. “He asked for an Xbox 360. Dad delivered.”

6. A dad who just wanted to spice up the photo!

7. “Thanks for the iPad, dad.”

8. “When your grandparents misunderstand what you want for Christmas.”

9. A mum who found a terrible way to disappoint her kids in the morning!

10. “My mom got my sister beets by Dre.”

11. “Never ask your dad to bring you stuff at school.”

12. “You want Apple Watch, son? Say no more.”

13. “I’m staying at my parents place for the night. My mom prepared the couch for me. I’m 27.”

14. “Her excuse was that she didn’t have any other picture frames. Thanks mom.”

15. “Dad got ready for my first driving lesson.”

16. “My bro told my grandma, jokingly, he wanted 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas. Grandma doesn’t like being challenged.”

17. “My sister posted a picture to Facebook... My dad responded.”

18. "My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause “ain’t nobody help.”

19. “My dad put strawberries on his face and asked if he had an acne problem.”

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