18 Things In Video Games That Suck The Life Out Of You!


Video games sometimes really fail to live up to their sole promise: To entertain us! Instead, we end up rage quitting, smashing the keyboard or screaming out loud. These little emotional breakdowns are surely familiar to most of us!

1. Let's start with Mario!

So you're almost done with that level and got all the coins and points available. Guess what? You barely reached that flag...

2. So you've finally managed to add that player to your squad. Guess what? He's injured!

A massive f*ck you in the face! But I've been saving up since the last season for that! NOOOOO! 😕

3. Shooting the eagle in Tank 90...

Especially the troll, when you were playing with others. Congratulations on being the one of the first trolls! 👏👏

4. Your villager getting attacked by wolves...

He's all alone out there in the wild...Oh gosh the horror! 🐺😠

5. This goddamn episode in GTA: Vice City...

People who did it on their first try are now big CEOs...🚁

6. Just when you're about to change the game, your friend does a sliding tackle to stop you...

I thought you were my friend...YOU TRAITOR! 🎮 😡

7. "Sneaky" campers...

Good job idiot. You ruined the whole game for everyone. 👏👏

8. The ball acting weird after you shoot at Tsubasa!

Talk about shooting power! 😁

9. The evil bugs in Half-Life...

You guys were supposed to attack the enemy...OW! 😒

10. Running out of time just when you're about to beat your friend at Street Fighter...

So I can't get an extra kick? No? Okay... 😭

11. All the failed Fatalities in Mortal Kombat...

But I practiced it! It was my time! It's all gone...😢

12. Constant fighting and riots when you conquer a new place at Total War, Civ, etc.

I even built a goddamn Hippodrome in your city. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? Oh, food...?😂

13. Your enemy approaching you with a full blown army after 2 minutes in all RTS games...

One question...HOW?! 😒

14. Getting attacked by a Hunter zombie in Left 4 Dead...

Dude I thought zombies couldn't jump and sh*t? Look at him go! 😔

15. Evil cars in Road Fighter!

More like Road Rage! 🚗

16. Your Sims falling asleep on the floor instead of their own bed!

So they're pretty much like us when we can't go sleep in the bed? 😁

17. Tetris and that long block...


18. Getting stuck between the wall and the bomb in Bomberman...

Your whole life will be summed up in those two seconds! 🎥😁

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