18 Surprising Facts About Poop!


This gallery is totally ‘shitty’ :)

1. Parrotfish include coral in their diets and they excrete it as sand.

So the things you step on as sand in the sea, may be poop. Parrotfish helps to create small islands and the sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

2. There are 4 bags of Neil Armstrong’s poop in the surface of the Moon.

So he literally took a shit on the surface of Moon.

3. The shooting stars we see may be the poop of an astronaut.

Shooting stars are objects that enter the atmosphere, becoming a meteor. In this video, an astronaut explains how this can happen in a very funny way.

4. “Sloths," who are named after the capital sin of sloth because they’re slow and lazy, poop once a week. They may even go up to a month.

You’re seriously too lazy.

5. In World War II, Germans would drive tanks over camel poop for luck in Africa. It was also a sign for mine-free zones.

6. Some people suddenly feel an urge to defecate when they enter bookstores.

Maybe you are one of those people. It’s known as Mariko Aoki phenomenon and the name is derived from the name of the woman who mentioned the phenomenon in a magazine article.

7. “Poop transplantation” may sound ridiculous, but it’s a treatment for a bacteria that occurs in intestines.

A healthy human’s poop transplants to you. It really seems stupid and disgusting but it’s science.

8. A man who sneaked a small bag of feces into a courtroom during his robbery trial, smeared the contents on his lawyer and threw it at jurors.

9. There are “Gold Pills” that will make you poop glitter and are sold for $475.

10. Pandas can poop 48 pounds per day.

11. Wombats, which are marsupials that are native to Australia, have cube-shaped poop to mark their territory.

12. Artist’s Shit is a 1961 artwork made and sold by the Italian artists Piero Manzoni. It consists of 90 tin cans, each filled with 30 grams of feces.

Some of them exploded a couple of days later because of the gas inside of them.

13. The 3.5 million year old Laetoli footprints were discovered by paleoanthropologist Andrew Hill and his colleague when he dove into the ground during an elephant dung fight.

14. In Ancient Egypt, women used a paste made of crocodile poop for birth control.

15. Dry animal dung is used as a fuel in many countries around the world.

“You can get the best taste out of this dish by shit fire ladies and gentlemen”

16. There’s a company in India producing paper from elephant dung.

Here’s the proof if you don’t believe it: http://www.elephantdungpaper.com/

17. George Clooney snuck into his friend’s bathroom every morning to prank him and stole all the poop out of his cat’s litterbox. When his friend started to worry about his cat, Clooney pooped into the litter tray to blow his friend’s mind.

He explains in this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLwxKmor-xo

18. Salvador Dali used goat shit as a perfume for his first date with his future wife, Gala.

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