18 Mistakes From Popular Movies You Definitely Missed


Shooting a movie is a hard biz, that's for sure. Lots of people from different departments are involved and sometimes errors may occur due to the amount of work involved. Unfortunately, even the most appreciated movies have some mistakes 😕 Still, it doesn't make a movie bad 😌 Let's check some popular ones.

1. First one is from Deadpool: Isn't something missing at his shoulders?

When we jump to a different shot, his swords magically appear.

2. Deadpool again: Wade is lying down. The camera shows Ajax, and when we are back to Wade, that thing at his left shoulder is missing.

3. One last Deadpool: When they are taking the picture, there is a big colorful ring on her finger.

The ring has completely changed when we see the picture itself.

4. Jurassic World: The window to her left is completely ok.

He sees and shows something.

Actually, the window has broken somehow.

One shot later, it's ok again. 😕

5. Let's continue with Jurassic World. The dinosaur pierced the window with it's finger.

Let's see from a different angle.

But then, the crack disappears.

What's with the Jurassic World and windows. 😔

6. The Usual Suspects: Plane's motors suddenly change.

7. 127 Hours: The feather on her head teleports itself.

8. Star Wars The Force Awakens: Rey's clothing. Look at the cross. The left one is on top.

Now it's not.

Now it's on top again.

9. Inception: Right rear mirror is closed. Left is open. Next shot, it's the opposite.

10. Les Misérables: There is a closet at his back.

Hocus pocus! 😕

11. Interstellar: A disappearing necklace!

12. Tomorrowland: In the bathtub, Clooney is at the left side. But when they escape, he is on the right.

13. Thor: He holds his hammer in his left arm and the girl to right. Next shot, it's the opposite again.

14. Watchmen: High heels suddenly change into regular shoes.

15. Same mistake from the Resident Evil.

16. ...And Twilight

Why would women fighters wear heels anyways? 😕

17. American Sniper: Not a mistake maybe, but it's the most fake baby ever.


18. We started with Deadpool, so let's finish with it. He cuts his left hand to save himself from Colossus.

Oh no, it's the right one. 😕

Bonus from a series: Difference between shots.


The corpse he put his head on suddenly disappears.

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