18 Funny Memes Around History To Make Laugh Out Loud!


Memes are now an essential part of popular culture. Here are 18 funny historical meme.

Trigger-warning: Some of these memes could be very offensive for your patriotic feelings.

1. Titanic...

2. When your crush is French.

3. Hold my beer-

4. Eat your heart out, Marvel.

5. Very helpful.

6. God bless America.

7. Watch out, Vincent!

8. Saddo.

9. Ouch.

10. Oopsie...

11. Et tu, Brute?

12. When you spot an independent part of Africa

13. IDK lol.

14. Goddammit Edison.

15. Triggered.

16. A rare picture of Britney Spears, Barack Obama and Michael Jackson, 2000.

17. Really tho.

18. Look who's talking now.

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