18 Experiences The New Generation Won't Understand!


Technology changes everyday.  Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a day without going online. It might be hard to believe that the internet used to take minutes to connect or that huge cd players were carried around back then. These experiences probably won't mean anything for our children. It's time for some nostalgia!

1. Not being able to tell if the photos you took are okay.

You could only figure out after you printed all of the photos.

2. Looking up things in real encyclopedias.

There was no Google. There was no Wikipedia.

3. Listening to music from huge CD players.

The music would stop when the player was shaken.

4. Listening to all your songs in slow motion when your battery is about to die.

5. Blowing inside the Atari cassettes so that they work properly.

6. Putting the Atari into the freezer so that it could cool down.

7. Setting up a date with your friends, but not being able to inform them when it's cancelled.

No mobile, no internet, and the worst thing is your friend is on the way.

8. Looking up phone numbers in the Yellow Pages.

It's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

9. Waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio and recording it to tape.

There were no Mp3 players back then. It was a special talent to record songs without getting interrupted by the djs. Tough times.

10. Rewinding a tape with the help of a pencil.

11. The satisfactory feeling when you put a tape into a VHS player.

12. Putting on floppy discs after you install a program on your computer.

It's takes literally 3-5 seconds to download apps on your mobile phone now.

13. Passing paper notes to your friend and worrying about getting caught by the teacher.

The students use WhatsApp now.

14. Answering the phone and not knowing who is calling.

Thank god we have Caller ID now.

15. Keep going online and offline on Messenger so that your crush can see you.

16. Waiting for internet to connect on 56k.

Not to even mention waiting for web pages to load for minutes.

17. Listening to this while waiting for a connection.

18. Not being able to connect to the internet when someone is using the landline.

"Maaa, talk to your friend later!"

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