18 Awesome Skills We Learn By Having Siblings!


Siblings are incredible. Growing up with them is priceless. The life skills we learn from them are beyond measure, so we compiled some of the best ones from Buzzfeed to prove how awesome they are! 

Here are the realities of your childhood experiences!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/shannonrosenber...

1. You learn to share.

I mean, almost. When mom asks for it.

2. You learn to use bribery to get things done.

Plus our convincing skills improve, a lot..

3. You’re always alert for unexpected attacks.

Because you never know when you’ll get smacked. 💪

4. You deliver Oscar winning performances.

Fake-crying, blaming..

5. You love to take a leadership role.

Especially if you have a younger sibling. 😎

6. You come up with the most creative solutions to every single problem.

7. You master at blackmailing.

“I’ll tell mom if you..”

8. Words are unnecessary; you communicate telepathically.

9. You know when you need to disappear.

When mom asks what happened to her favorite vase, for instance. 😂

10. Your creativity becomes limitless.

11. You are brave enough to tell your opinions when things disturb you.

12. Sometimes you just prefer to hold yourself back and usually win at the end.

You’ll get revenge at home anyway.

13. You exercise patience.

And learn to be patient, more than you need.

14. Privacy is important so you mark your territory.

Or you hide them.

15. You’re used to waiting for your turn to use the bathroom.

Or learn to be quick and be the first one to use it.

16. You know the power of apologizing.

17. You’re always there when they need you the most.

The hardest times.

18. No one is better than you when it comes to messing with people.

You have brilliant comebacks, every time.

We love them all!!😍😍

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