17 Very Hilarious And Creative Pranks We Bet You Have Never Seen Before!


Are you ready to laugh?

We think your answer is ''Yeah, that'b be nice.'' 

We put together pranks that are all funnier than each other.

You still shouldn't laugh so hard though, it could one day happen to you.😂 

Have fun and enjoy the pranks!

Source: http://thechive.com/2017/05/10/pranks-gi...

1. We got scared just watching it.

2. This is too good😂

3. If you haven't done the coke-mentos joke, this is what happens😄

4. Even big guys get scared

5. ⚾😂⚾

6. ''I'm burning!''

7. 🙈🙈🙈

8. This gets people every single time😄

9. This is just wrong!

10. 😱😱😱

11. ''One, two, ahhhhh''

12. Why did you do this to the poor cat?😁

13. She could kill him for that

14. Boom!

15. 😍😍😍

16. A good reason to get divorced

17. 👋👋👋

Aren't they all amazing?

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