17 Things People With Strict Dads Could Relate

> 17 Things People With Strict Dads Could Relate

There are two kinds of strict dads: One who looks strict but has a golden heart, and the other one who looks strict and has extreme rules on the side. Regardless of which type is yours, you have some difficulties ahead of you for sure.

PS: There are also pricks who count on violence and since we can't really call them a 'dad', they won't be mentioned here.

1. You are a member of the generation that says "Even a casual stare of them is enough for us to run away like headless chicken!"

2. Your mom is definitely the first authority to go to when you need permission for something.

3. Even though you never received a bad treatment from him, you have come to believe that your dad is strict all thanks to misleadings and perceptions.

4. The fact that your father won't allow you is always a valid excuse.

5. From your early childhood there's been a "good cop- bad cop" scenario and guess who the bad cop is?!

6. All the stories you hear about him kissing you in your sleep brings tears in your eyes.

7. That look...You can instantly tell what he's thinking!

8. You know "No!" is his all time favorite but you slowly try and break his will.

9. The biggest weapon there ever is: "I'll tell on your dad about this!"

10. No matter how strict he is, you always have the most beautiful memories with him.

11. Strict dads have two permanent effects: You either end up like them, or promise to never turn into them and end up exactly the opposite!

12. You find it hard to believe how your friends say their dad is their coolest friend!

13. If you ever witness it, you envy their relationship but you never like your dad any less.

14. Dads with daughters go into "Strict with a golden heart", because they can't say no to their little princess.

15. You get really mad if they ever hit you, but be sure he is even more upset and hates himself more!

16. You might think you are the sole reason for his behavior but as you get older, you realize he had to juggle tons of things!

17. All the nice words, kisses, hugs and support you get from him are truly priceless...

Because they happen so rarely!

Bonus - No matter how strict your dad is, you always know that he loves you. Magic!!!