17 Things Our Parents Think Are A Rip-Off And We Totally Agree!


Well, agreeing with your parents, especially when they claim something is a rip-off is a pretty incredible and rare incident. We keep on asking for more stuff and more money for new stuff and our parents try to balance the scales. A family house or flat is not easy or cheap to maintain, feeding a family isn't either. So we should be more than understanding when they can't do everything we would like them to do for us.

However, there are such obvious rip-offs that even we can't help but agree with our parents.

Don't waste your money on stupid stuff.

1. Paid channels, which only let financially comfortable people watch their favorite team's games.

Who the f*ck came up with THAT? 😒

2. 'Miraculous' hair products that promise to stop hair loss.

If there was any product that actually worked, Nicolas Cage would have already bought it. 😁

3. Mobile games insisting on in-game purchases.


"You can be the best among your friends, buy these coins for only $29.99."

4. Self-help books promising they will change your life perspective.


My life perspective has indeed changed: now I think this is just a rip-off. Thanks so f*cking much! 😕

5. Beverages that cost at least twice as much in a restaurant.

It isn't cool to buy a can of coke for the price of a 2.5-liter bottle.

6. Any bank and any loan taken from any bank.

House, car, summer house... We are all dried up, and they are still sending texts about their new loans. 😞

7. Luxury steak houses.


It is just a show. 😌

8. Bad bridal hair that is totally not worth the money or the time.

A 7-layer cake is easier and cheaper to make!

9. Brands that sell with their name, not quality products.

Lots of items that we spent lots of money by thinking "This is a good brand, it should last long," didn't last long at all.

10. Casinos, which make some us feel like we will end up penniless and only in our underwear.


You don't necessarily have to go to a casino. Any kind of luck-based game will do the ripping-off.

11. Shopping websites that suck all your money with the promise of "30% discount special for you."

We end up buying things that we don't actually need. 😕

12. iPhone... How do people volunteer to queue to spend that much money?

Wouldn't it be better if people spent money to experience new things and travel?

13. Yep, it is quite a cliche but we have to repeat it here again: Valentine's Day and any day of that kind.

No matter how well you do the whole year, if you don't buy a gift for your significant other on that special one, you are screwed.

14. Wedding photographers

They are getting more and more expensive. Anyone with a camera starts being a wedding photographer. Umm, how about no?

15. Fashion itself


We spend sh*t loads of money on things we went "Eww!" years ago once they are trendy!

16. Shopping channels...

This was touched upon in a South Park episode, as well.

17. Food sold with an "organic" label.


They first make us consume genetically modified food, and they rob us of our money by marketing the food we actually deserve as organic. Nice going.

Bonus: Anything that we don't need.


Bonus 2: "Everything" according to your mom and dad. 😁

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