etiket 17 Proof Showing Education At Hogwarts Actually Sucks!

> 17 Proof Showing Education At Hogwarts Actually Sucks!

We all want the best possible education for our children, and most of us try their best to make sure of it by prioritizing their children's educational expenses over everything else, including their own personal needs or wishes. So, the families who send their kids to the -so-called- best school of witchcraft and wizardry must have the same feelings and expectations. However, Hogwarts is actually a school many of you wouldn't like to send your kids to. Serious issues with the infrastructure and access, its educational quality is highly questionable. You might think they do their best with a limited budget and a few teachers, but maybe we should question why the ministry underfund the only school in the country? 

For a school providing education from primary school till the wizard equivalent of the university degree, it is saddening and unacceptable. It seems Voldemort was just terribly unlucky when he was defeated by a bunch of kids who learnt nothing but screaming 'expecto patronum' around. Ego is one hell of a drug!

1. The total number of teachers is only between 20-25 whereas it has thousands of students...

Even an average public high-school has more professors.

2. Only two caretakers for the entire school!

Argus Filch and Rubeus Hagrid.

3. Segregationist educational system, which groups students into different houses from the very first week.

4. Gloomy, depressing and overcrowded classrooms.

5. It's just pure luck that no one actually dies in gym classes or quidditch matches.

6. Professors who are incapable of even noticing the death eaters disguised as their colleagues...

7. Lack of discipline which becomes more and more visible every day.

8. Grumpy, inconsiderate, unsympathetic professors, who probably never heard anything about pedagogical formation.

9. And as an inevitable result of it: escalating violence at school!

10. Studying at an understaffed and underfunded school, the students are of course out of control!

11. Problems arise from studying in a dangerous environment where there are constant threats such as dementors or Voldemort...

12. Failing to effectively prohibit irresponsible behaviors of ill-disciplined students...

Is it Hogwarts or a goddamn charter school?

13. Failing to expel the collaborationist &conspirator students.

Who would like to send their kids to a school where Draco Malfoy is also enrolled? He is a little devil!

14. Inadequate, incompetent academic staff.

15. The management that sees nothing wrong with intervening with the private lives of their students.

16. Even professors see no problem with using violence to solve the disputes between each other.

17. Both its location and architecture are not ideal to be a school. There are way too many dangers especially for little kids.

Bonus - Access to Hogwarts is definitely something!