17 Moments Petrolheads Understand So Well!


We are all different, we know that. So that means all of us might have different tastes and ambitions. Sports cars, classic cars or just cars in general are a massive ambition for some people. These people, petrolheads, often do certain things that only other petrolheads would do. Let's see what it means to be in love with your car and all cars.

1. They often check their car from the window and breathe deeply...

2. They spend the whole weekend 'cleaning' and polishing the car. Even if it's already clean!

3. They see cars in a VERY different way than most people do.

4. When they accelerate, they wait everyone else in the car to compliment the car and its power.

5. They love driving around the city for hours.

6. They hate it when you want to borrow their car, or god forbid, drive it!

7. They constantly keep talking how big the engine is, how much torque it has, its rims etc. etc.

8. Their cars always look quite appealing!

9. Whenever they talk about their car, they say "My .....". (Insert model name)

10. They cover their seats to make sure they don't get dirty or messed up.

11. They never leave their car keys, they always keep the keys with them.

12. They are paranoid when they are parking. WHAT IF IT GETS SCRATCHED?!

13. They love bad mouthing other cars or models they don't have.

14. There's a very intimate and deep relationship with petrolheads and their cars!

15. You are not allowed to eat, smoke or even drink in the car. You just can't spill anything.

16. Their car is the most important thing in their life.

17. You know what to do if a petrolhead annoys you...

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