17 Magical Things You'll Go Through When You Find "The One"...

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This list is for the ones who found real love...May your happiness last forever and ever after! If you're single, may you find that perfect match as soon as possible! (fingers crossed)

1. You don't need words to communicate.

2. She/he supports you to follow your dreams no matter what.

3. She/he is the first one you run to when you're in trouble. You know you can solve anything when you are together.

4. She/he has the highest priority for your all future plans.

5. You feel like living in a romantic movie.

6. You enjoy every moment you spend together.

7. There won't be any lies or secrets in your relationship.

8. You will explore the deepest meanings of the word "love".

9. You will be addicted to sleeping and cuddling.

10. You will dream about raising kids together.

11. No matter what, you know she/he will listen you before arriving a conclusion.

12. You know you complete each other...

13. Even the sickness will be more bearable with her/him.

14. You both know you are not perfect but you won't care.

Because you are perfect together.

15. You know you can always talk honestly about your faults and mistakes.

16. You won't have over-expectations from her/him.

What you have is already great.

17. You never try to change each other.

Bonus from Bob Marley

"Perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you."

Bob Marley

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