17 Examples To Make You Think Twice Before Getting Bangs


Bangs are probably the riskiest of all hair styles. When someone nails it, it looks amazing, but if they can’t, it’s usually horrible, especially for guys. If you were thinking of bangs as your next hair style, have a look and think again.

1. I think I’m totally rocking this…

2. Uhhhm, I switched my hair with my brother’s hair

3. “You will all pay for this...ALL OF YOU!”

4. The little maid

5. Thought it was just for girls? There, you have it.

6. How NOT to show it off…

7. “Please, run away from me. I don’t want to hurt you; it has its own will now!”

8. Managed to lock himself in.

9. They said it would cover the length of my head. I made a huge mistake…

10. Problem?

11. Surreal…Taking it to the next level for sure!

12. Why Kaley? Why did you do this?

13. I decided to pay half price for my haircut. This is the result.

14. Ok, maybe Jim Carrey rocked it, a bit!

15. My parents confessed they did not want me in the first place.

16. “I really AM Beyonce. How can you not recognize me?”

17. “It brought the world cup to me. It’s my good luck charm.”

But when people rock it…

They rock it…

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