etiket 17 Common Things People Are So Proud Of But We Think The Opposite!

> 17 Common Things People Are So Proud Of But We Think The Opposite!

Ok ok, you might have achieved so many great things in life and hey, that's good for you. But please don't think drinking tea without sugar makes you the coolest person on Earth.

1. Drinking tea without sugar.

These people are proud to reject sugar when they are offered. That's ok. But then there is a follow-up which is, ''I don't use it'' and it is enough to judge the ones who have their tea with sugar. We got it.

2. Appearing on TV.

The Internet is huge now, so everyone can become a celebrity. But TV is still a magic box. If you are on TV, even for a sec, you immediately make a big deal out of it and share it with the public.

3. Not watching TV.

Somehow it is considered as 'cool.' So what? Then who watches all these TV shows?

4. Having a celebrity relative.

Ok, you are related by blood but you are not the famous one. He is not even proud of himself as much as you are. Stop already!

5. Being a blond kid.

If you are an adult with dark hair, it is something you would be proud of.

6. Pale skin.

6. Pale skin.

OK, you are white- skinned. So? If this is something you were born with then what is all the bronze about?

7. Being proud of doing something that you are obliged to.

Sounds like a politician's behavior. OK, you care about people but that's why you were chosen.

8. Binge eating and remaining skinny.

Anyone would be proud of this. But if you highlight it, it is likely to insult fat people.

9. Boasting about your hometown.

I was born in X Town and I feel unique.. You could be from anywhere, anyways...

10. Falling asleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow.

It is nice and no need to boast about it. It is a human behavior.

11. School or work days without any sleep.

It is a revenge of childhood where you have to go to bed early. People usually call it 'insomnia.'

12. Cheating on exams.

You should warn people like this immediately since it is not something to be proud of.

13. The number of followers or friends on social media.

It is similar to the TV appearance. These people also say that they don't care about the numbers..

14. Leaving in the middle of the movie.

You paid for the ticket, just watch the whole movie.

15. Not reading.

It used to be something to be ashamed of. However, that has changed. Anyways, if you read, you read for yourself, if not, still it is for yourself. No one cares.

16. Horoscope lovers.

'I am a total an Aries,' 'I am a Pisces, what do you expect?' etc, etc,...

17. Not getting drunk.

'I constantly drink but never get drunk,' is their signature. Good for you. Binge drinking is usually limited to 3 beers. Whatever..