16 Things You'll Relate To If You're Painfully Awkward!


Being awkward isn't everything the movies makes it out to be.  You're weird, unsocial, and don't know how to relate to other people.  

Luckily the internet is here to make it easier for others to understand our suffering.  

Here are 16 things you'll relate to if you're painfully awkward.

1. When you're meeting someone for the first time

2. When you and your bff are on fleek

3. When flowers just don't cut it

4. When you have very important dinner plans

5. When you're just sh*t at guessing peoples ages

6. When you've never seen anything more beautiful

7. When you dgaf about nutrition recommendations

8. When you're trying to be social

9. When your manners backfire

10. When you're trying to control your spending

11. When your flirting game is a little off

12. When you realize that you have to be the adult

13. When your wishes are granted

14. When you finally express your emotions


16. When you have to have answers RIGHT MEOW!

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