16 Things You Can Relate If You Have To Get Up Very Early For Work!

> 16 Things You Can Relate If You Have To Get Up Very Early For Work!

These people generally live in a metropolitan city, have to commute for long hours and miles, deal with traffic jams, walk a lot after getting off the bus or subway, etc. These people… Our long-suffering people…

1. They take it twice as hard than people who wake up somewhat later.

2. They try to figure out a way to stop it only until they get ready and leave the house head to work.

3. Their biggest dream is to live closer to work.

4. They enviously admire people who go to work on foot or by public transport in 10 minutes

5. All these hours are actually stolen from their own social-life!

6. And those two hours are never long enough!

7. If they can't read, play a game or spend their time on commute, they regret all the choices they made in life that forced them to wake up so damn early.

8. Their assumptions like "I could have watched a movie or gone to the gym or been with my loved ones within those two hours." etc. never ends.

9. Despite that massive commute, they are still late for work, they pity themselves when they are accounted for it.

10. They always question themselves about insisting on living in a metropolitan city while they don't really benefit anything from it.

11. Their shifts are 12 hours practically, not 8. This grim reality hurts them.

12. There is no Monday Syndrome for them, they experience "Every Working Day Syndrome".

13. They can never answer the question "How come waking up 15 minutes late makes you an hour late for work?!".

14. Every time they have their breakfast at work or on the bus, they dream about having breakfast at home since they are already up very early , but they just can't do it.

15. They feel like they are open for any job offers even for less money if they could be going to work a bit late.

16. They are not happy about the fact that they can rarely attend weekday activities after work like parties or just chilling out with friends.

Well, they are not up to date on office gossip. Not easy, is it?