16 Things Kids With Indigent Childhood Go Through... :/


Not all of us spent their childhood riding ponies, playing with tons of cool toys and making all the other kids jealous...Poverty is real and it's time to put yourself in their shoes!

1. Using hand-me-downs.

It’s not only your sibling’s, but your cousins, aunts, and uncles clothes too.  You learned the importance of sharing.

2. You never had the luxury to choose what to eat.

3. Some stuff are only familiar through the words of others.

e.g computers, smart phones, restaurants...

4. It was hard to ask your parents to buy you something, even if you needed it for school.

5. You had to save money for buying toys that other kids got easily.

6. Seeing that sad expression on dad's face when he is about to say "We can't afford this".

7. That shock and awe that you experienced when going to rich friends’ houses.

8. You don’t know what being spoiled is like.

9. Holidays only mean visiting family members.

10. The household was under extra stress when the monthly bills were due.

11. You couldn’t participate in any event that had a fee.

12. You used to see your mom cry all the time.

13. You had to grow up faster.

14. Summer meant getting a job instead of having a break.

But real poverty is...

But real poverty is...

A story shared by a kid who spent a night with a poor family to understand what they are going through:

"We have only one dog. They have four. We have a pool half of the size of our garden. They have rivers kilometers long. We have lamps in our garden that specially bought. They have stars. Our balcony only reaches to our garden. Theirs to the horizon..."

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