16 Things Depressed People Hate Hearing The Most!


It's 2016 and some people still have such a stupid idea about "depression" as if it's some kind of a temporary bad mood. They believe that you can get rid of it by just not thinking much or partying two night in raw with them.  In their opinion, if you don't keep your feelings and share with others, your depression would be over in a few hours, but you just don't do it!

1. You'll be alright...

Glad you said that, so if you give me a second, I am getting out of my depression now.

2. But you know what? It's your fault!

Thanks, let me dive a bit deeper into my depression.

3. You make a big deal out of nothing.

Sure, no one can hurt me without my permisson right?

4. Anyways, depression is still better than ......

Really? Thank god I am depressed then...

5. Try to be a bit more positive.

Why didn't I think of that before?

6. Did you consider signing up to a gym?

This is what I've been thinking about. So I would pay the same money I am already paying to my therapist right?

7. Maybe change your job or somehing?

You're a damn genius!

8. Maybe you should be grateful for what you have...

Yeah right, this is actually the root cause of the issue. Ungratefulness put me into this shit in the first place!

9. Everyone has their own problems!

You can't be serious!?

10. Don't feel sorry for yourself!

So I should be sorry for someone else!? What do you mean?

11. I know what you are going through...

I am sure you do, no doubt about it.

12. Why do you worry that much about everything, take it easy!

Thanks dude, this really helped, already feeling relieved.

13. Actually I am also a bit depressed..

So you seem to be managing it quite well, congrats!

14. I think you enjoy suffering, you'd be over it even now, if you wanted to.

Yeah I have a self-defeating personality!

15. You always keep your feelings bottled up, you will feel better if you talk about it.

So I am talking about all at once now; I can feel alright as soon as I finish it right?

16. I get you very well...

Well, that's good for you!

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