16 Phrases Giving Away Overprotective Parents!


We know we know! You want only the very best for your child. But could it be possible you are doing or expressing it wrong or maybe expressing it a bit too much? At the end of the day, they are still kids and they still need to run around and break stuff!

1. Stop!

If this is the word you VERY often use during the day, it unfortunately means you are an overprotective parent. Even if you put stop at the beginning of all your sentences, it won't change a thing. We recommend changing the attitude instead.

2. Don't!

It goes without saying right after the first one. Everything your child wants to do is a big, dangerous, no-no thing, innit? You can't bear a single scratch, can you?

3. Wait!

Your child should always wait for you, and not do a thing without you. You should always accompany him, and he should always wait for you...

4. No!

This is the most frequent response you give to your child every time s/he asks for something. Because everything has some sort of extreme danger and risk possibilities.

5. Don't you dare!

The intensifier to show that "you really mean it". Don't you dare do that, don't you dare go up there, go down there, say that… Don't you dare!

6. "Where is Primrose?"

If you lose her from your sight for 5 seconds, your navigation system goes wild doesn't it? You wonder where is she? Oh my GOSH, is she on the slide? No way!!!

7. Ow ow ow!

Ow, did she fall? Oww has he slipped? Ow, is there a scratch on her arm? What a pity! This is the first time such thing happened to a child!?

8. Mind that!

You want to start making them act cautious about everything from a very early age, don't you? You say "mind that" for every attempt they make, just in case they actually mind something, yes?

9. Don't touch it!

Let your mom or dad touch it first, eliminate dangers, make the environment safe, and then you can touch it with mind at peace.

10. Don't climb there!

Do you know what happens if you fall down from 2 feet? That's why you shouldn't let your children climb. They can live on the ground, at zero altitude for the rest of their life. Isn't all the surface on earth large enough?

11. Ronnie, Pleasee!!

How many times you told him that spinning thing is dangerous, is he doing all of these on purpose only to annoy you? Ronnie, we mean it, please: That swing is not a thing for children, how many times do they need to tell you that?!

12. I don't put so much pressure on her!

Of course you don't, and what is pressure anyway? Do we really need to define it? You let her free, she just does't get it.

13. I don't interfere much to tell you the truth.

See, he is the one who is ungrateful! You give up years from your life only for him and you are the one who gets a bad reputation interfering in return. This is cruelty, lack of appreciation and nothing else. Why would you interfere anyway?

14. I am the only one who looks after this child!

That's right, if she didn't have YOU, he could have fallen down the deepest wells, or the ground could have swallowed her. Thanks God, she has you and you protect her from everything and everybody including herself. God forbid your absence.

15. Enough!

Alright you touched your feet to the water, what else are you after? If I say enough, there is a reason for it. The word enough is the result of the experiences I saved up all those years. C'mon don't make me say please...

16. Not safe!

When we say parent, it means an adult with the min. age of 30, and when he tells you that something is not safe, it means it is not safe. Did you know that the possibility dying from falling down a seesaw has a higher ratio than the possibility to dying in a plane crash? No, you don't know, you are just mouthing off.

But of course, you need to protect them from THIS!

You should protect them an optimum amount. Not like this for sure!

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