16 Photos Prove That Japan Is The Coolest Country Ever!


You may find the Japan culture little crackpot, it is most innovative and prosperous nation ever. They attach value on imagination, family values, and respect for others! 

Here are some photos show that Japan is unlike any other country!

1. In Japan, you can find compressed cotton t-shirts.

2. Coffee lovers! You can also find individually filtered coffee bags.

3. They have tiny capsule hotels with low prices, Wi-Fi and a hanging TV!

4. All drivers take care of their passengers.

5. Even at a budget hotel, they offer a wide selection of pillows categorized by height, density, softness, bounce, filling, and so on.

6. You can find pringles flavored noodles.

7. In Japan, the highest bridge’s height is compared to Godzilla in the chart!

8. In hospitals, banks, and other public places, there are glasses for customers who’ve forgotten their own.

9. Also in stores, there are strollers for those who don't have.

10. Carts that help you carry heavy things. Genius, right?

11. A hotel's reception desk is run by robot Dinos!

12. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologize for a delayed flight.

13. This flight gives passengers a view of what the pilot sees.

14. This store tells you how many calories you've burned.

15. Most organized luggage pickup!

16. The fire escape for this building is a slide!

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