16 Naughty Kids Who Will Keep You Laughing For Hours!

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It’s no secret that kids are a great combo of never-ending energy, naughtiness, and mischief.

1. “My younger sister called for my help, but wouldn’t tell me why. When I went upstairs, I was greeted with... this.”

2. Just playing in the “wet sand”

3. An epic disappointment

4. " Milk got everywhere but the cup"

5. "Everyone’s laughing, except for the little one."

6. Thank God it was decaf.

7. “Our daughter was left alone with my wife’s makeup.”

8. “This sign means ‘No Being Angry’ according to my daughter.”

9. “I told them to ‘neatly’ put away their snow clothes.”

10. "My child and I playing hide and seek”

11. “My nephew’s ‘hiding’ spot every single time...”

12. “There is something wrong with my 7-year-old. This is how she eats her sandwiches.”

13. “My daughter decided her dolly would look nice painted black.”

14. “I don’t even know how my little brother got in there.”

15. "Eating sand for breakfast wasn’t the best idea."

16. "My dad is a mechanical engineer. He works on cars a lot. I found my daughter sliding herself under the table with her ‘tools’ to fix it.”

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